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Sometimes the best medical care is not at your back door and you or a family member may need to travel to get the treatments you need.  Find information on assistance with urgent and non-urgent medical travel.

Air Care Alliance 

This site will introduce you to several groups whose volunteers perform public benefit flying for health care.

Angel Flight 

We will arrange free air transportation for any legitimate, charitable, medically related need. This service is available to individuals, and health care organizations. We will also arrange transportation of those people who are financially distressed, or who are in a time-critical, non-emergency situation due to their medical condition.

Free Gas USA, Inc 

Free Gas USA gasoline grant program provides grants for fuel purchases ranging from $50 to $1,200 dollars. Qualified applicants must meet the federal guidelines of living at or below the poverty level and submit an agency referral with their application.

Angel Bus 

1-800-768-0238 (Patients)
757-333-0084 (Administrative)
Angel Bus® is a non-profit charity dedicated to providing financial assistance for non-emergency, long-distance ground transportation to patients in need.