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Since 1977, the Lupus Foundation of America has provided reliable health information to millions of people whose lives have been affected by lupus. We take pride in the quality of information that we offer our constituents and we work hard to maintain your trust through our strong medical review process.

In order to ensure that our content is accurate and up to date, we rely on the guidance of our Medical Scientific Advisory Council. These select and highly distinguished lupus experts, many of whom are practicing physicians that treat people with lupus, advise us on and regularly review our content. Look for the “medically reviewed” label on the top right-hand side of our articles.

We take great pride in our content development process and only promote information from the most trusted sources of clinically accurate information. These include the National Institute of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the latest and most important studies on lupus in peer-reviewed journals. Our research updates, blog posts, multimedia content and educational programs feature the latest thinking on lupus, backed by peer-reviewed research and interviews with lupus experts.

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