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In this segment of The Expert Series, Laura Coleman, PhD, RD provides insight on Lupus & Diet: Separating Fact from Fiction. You will learn about common beliefs and whether the following statements are fact or fiction: 
  • Certain foods cause lupus flares.
  • Fish oil cures joint inflammation.
  • People with lupus should follow an anti-inflammatory diet.
  • People with lupus should not exercise. 
  • Weight gain often seems to be a challenge for someone with lupus.
  • Acai berry is good for people with lupus.
  • Dietary supplements help reduce lupus flares.
  • Iron causes lupus flares and should be avoided in the diet.
  • People with lupus are at high risk for vitamin D deficiency.

Laura Coleman, PhD, RD

is a translational expert for Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, has a PhD in Nutrition, is a Registered Dietician and has profound experience in dietetic and epidemiological research