Are household toxins related to lupus?

Lupus Foundation of America

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There is a surprising lack of information about common household toxins and lupus. For example, not much is known about molds and lupus.

Lead can be dangerous to our health, and in older homes, lead paint and old plumbing can contain lead solder. Animal studies with mice that develop lupus show mixed results when the mice receive lead injections: some mice got worse while other mice did fine. These results indicate that lead can worsen lupus in lupus-prone mice; however, even among lupus-prone strains, genetic differences determine the degree of exacerbation. Lead exposure should be avoided for overall health reasons as well.  

Recent epidemiologic studies implicate home pesticide use as possibly linked to lupus. The study looked at home use/exposure to pesticides applied by the individual. Having professional exterminators use the pesticides was not associated.