Your lupus travel packing list

Lupus Foundation of America

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Don’t forget to talk with your doctor as you plan your trip to get any pretravel medical advice you might need.


  • A supply of your prescription medications to last the entire trip
  • Additional medications to take just in case you have a flare

Sun protection

  • Sunscreen with a high SPF
  • Sun protective clothing (Coolibar is one popular brand)
  • Wide-brimmed hat

Pain treatment

  • Any over-the-counter pain medications your doctor recommends
  • Microwaveable hot pack or freezable cold packs for muscle pain

Printed medical information

  • Details about your medications
  • Health insurance info
  • Medical history
  • Vaccinations list

Antibacterial kit

  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Disinfectant wipes


  • Your doctor’s contact information
  • List of nearby pharmacies
  • Planner for tracking medications
  • Card or bracelet for medical emergencies 
  • Doctor’s note for any accommodations you might need (e.g., aisle seat help from airline or a hotel) 
  • Medical phrase travel dictionaries (for example, Butterfly Traveler, available in the Lupus Foundation of America online store at