What kind of network is PARTNERS?

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About PCORnet

Funded by PCORI, PCORnet is a national patient data network consisting of data from large multi-centered health care systems like hospitals and data from small disease-specific caregivers and patients. The large centers are called Clinical Data Research Networks (CDRNs) and the disease-specific are called Patient- Powered Research Networks (PPRNs). The data is owned and protected by the individual CDRNs and PPRNs. The goal of PCORnet is to improve the nation’s capacity to conduct comparative effectiveness research (CER). PCORnet brings together patients, care providers and health systems to improve healthcare and advance medical knowledge. With patients and researchers working side by side, PCORnet will be able to explore the questions that matter most to patients and their families. 

How will PCORnet improve the nation’s ability to do Comparative Effectiveness Research?

Suppose you are a researcher and would like to compare two lupus treatments. How will you find the patients to ask if they would like to participate in the study? Using PCORnet, you will be able to run a search of identity-protected data to find the patients you are looking for.